I was looking at my dream that is being deemed far away And I was standing blankly I don’t have anything left any more,I thought about giving up everything, but I am standing up again,even today step by step I step forward carefully,My heart is full of fears but it’s an excitement I’m embracing I am staggering and shaking But, I step forward towards the dream that I am going to meet some day

Minggu, 17 April 2011

'IT WAS ME' (Simple Poetry from a simple Girl)

it's a feeling and something I'm trying to say and confess to someone.haha...(enggak mungkin juga lah,gak berani),Selamat membaca :

It was me who always saw you from afar
It was me who always admired you from the distance
It was me who never stopped looking at you
It was me who always admired the way you walk, the way you smile, the way you talk with your friend, the way you run, and everything about you...

in this silence,in this dark sacred night...
I want to confess to you,
I want to make a confession in front of you
I want to confess that I admire you, I..I...I love you...
I want to confess that 'She is Me',your 'SECRET ADMIRE'

but will you accept my confession?
do you willing to hear my confession?

i guess.... NO

so let everything just like this
like before....
never know each other....
like I admire you from afar,from a distance...

keep everything just like that...

just like fire and water
just like Mercury and Neptune

just like 'YOU AND ME'

Thanks for reading guys...
I always accept criticism and suggestions(yang membangun tentunya,yang tidak membangun DI LARANG KERAS).hehe...
bisa langsung comment di bawah ato kirim e-mail ke annisapalit@yahoo.com
love you all ! mmuuaaacchhh*

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'My English Speech'

hai,hai,hello,hello...udah lama gak update di blog nih,jadi kangen.hehe...
jadi kali ini gue mau nebus dosa dulu*loh?*
maksudnya dosa karna udah lama gak update lagi.haha...
waktu beres-beres meja belajar tiba-tiba gue nemuin kertas yang isinya naskah pidato bahasa Inggris yang gue buat sendiri(weedehh,bangganya).Karena gak tau mau posting apa'an,
so,kali ini gue mau meng-update pidato gue yang gue bikin mendadak selama 2 jam sampe keringetan darah di kelas pas ada lomba pidato antar kelas di sekolah gue beberapa bulan yang lalu(waduh..lama amat).
Alhasil,dengan tensis yang belepotan,pengetahuan yang minim,serta kamus bahasa inggris-indonesia,atau indonesia-inggris,dan juga buku kumpulan kata-kata mutiara punya temen,maka terbentuklah sebuah pidato konyol seperti dibawah ini(silahkan dibaca) :

Good afternoon,
ladies and gentleman...

Thank you for the opportunity that given to me,
first of all,as a religious people we must give thanks to God
because of his guidance we can gather in this place safely

ladies and gentleman, on this occasion I will bring my speech in front of you all,
my speech was not talking about the biggest things like greenhouse effect or global warning or anything about the environment, because I am not an expert on these matters,so,this time i will talking about a simple things,like 'Imagination in our life'

From Wikipedia I found that 'imagination in general is the power or process of producing mental images and ideas.'
I found that Imagination is the work of the mind that helps create. Imagination helps provide meaning to experience and understanding to knowledge; it is a fundamental facility through which people make sense of the world

with imagination,we are free to be whatever we want..
we are free to be a millionaire, be a famous artist, or whatever we want
imagination makes us more motivated to try to realize what we want.

Sometimes some of us think that people who are too much imagination is crazy.
but do you know .. ?

Albert Einstein said that "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination."
"Logic will get you from A to B.But,Imagination, earnest take you everywhere."

One of the greatest generals in history, said: "Imagination rules the world"

in his song entitled imagination, Frank Sinatra said:
Imagination is funny
It makes a Cloudy day sunny
It makes a bee think of honey
Just as I think of you

imagination helps us to be more creative,
if you think that imagination only exists on children minds...
then you are WRONG !!
the architects, novelist, artist, singer, painter, songwriter, all of us,
we often had the imagination.Am i right ?

Can you Imagine a world without imagination ?

So,Do you ever think that without the imagination,Walt Disney probably will not produce great works like cinderella, snow white, sleeping beauty, beauty and the beast, etc. and get an Academy Award for his work ?

Without imagination Mozart wouldn't composed over 600 works

Without imagination Taylor swift,Celine Dion, Jonas Brothers,Mariah Carey,Whitney Housten,or Britney Spears may not be a singer.

Without an imagination, all of us will probably never know what is music, film,video,even perhaps there would be no computers, televisions, radio,etc in our lives.

Without imagination there would be no great painters like Leonardo Da Vinci in this world.

Without imagination maybe there will be no Eiffel tower, Monalisa paintings, The Tower of Pisa, Petronas Towers

And without any imagination certainly I would never write this speech.

so basically, in our lives, we all really need the imagination to continue to dream, work and achieve our goals
so do not stop imagining, but in the positive thing,certainly

This is all my speech,
hopefully can be useful for us,
I apologize if there's a wrong words i said above.

So,thank you and good afternoon
keep imagining and creating !

Godbless you all

eh ia,bisa dilihat Naskah Aslinya di bawah ini(jangan shock yah*lol*) :

gambarnya sengaja dibuat gitu supaya keliatan kayak naskah-naskah keramat,kayak proklamasi gitulah(padahal sebenernya supaya menyemarkan huruf gue yang cakar AYAM alias gak jelas benget).wkwkwk

P.S(sekedar selingan saja) :

We need imagination in our life to create an extraordinary things,
to make something that is impossible,becomes possible
to achieve our goals - Annisa

salam super,Golden ways.hahah...(loh,Mario Teguh dong).wkwkwk

Xie Xie Ni...Thanks for reading !
selalu menerima Kritik dan saran yang membangun dengan lapang dada.
bisa dikirim lewat e-mail annisapalit@yahoo.com

yyaawwnniinngg...it's raining outside and i want to go bed right now.haha...
Enjoy ya..:D
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Sabtu, 02 April 2011

Taecyeon & Suzy MV 1

So,Let's Check This Out ! yeay*

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[HD]Dream High Special Concert Live " Dream of Goose" Encore 110301 거위의 꿈

nonton yuk...
check this one too...
Enjoy yahh..:D

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