I was looking at my dream that is being deemed far away And I was standing blankly I don’t have anything left any more,I thought about giving up everything, but I am standing up again,even today step by step I step forward carefully,My heart is full of fears but it’s an excitement I’m embracing I am staggering and shaking But, I step forward towards the dream that I am going to meet some day

Minggu, 17 April 2011

'IT WAS ME' (Simple Poetry from a simple Girl)

it's a feeling and something I'm trying to say and confess to someone.haha...(enggak mungkin juga lah,gak berani),Selamat membaca :

It was me who always saw you from afar
It was me who always admired you from the distance
It was me who never stopped looking at you
It was me who always admired the way you walk, the way you smile, the way you talk with your friend, the way you run, and everything about you...

in this silence,in this dark sacred night...
I want to confess to you,
I want to make a confession in front of you
I want to confess that I admire you, I..I...I love you...
I want to confess that 'She is Me',your 'SECRET ADMIRE'

but will you accept my confession?
do you willing to hear my confession?

i guess.... NO

so let everything just like this
like before....
never know each other....
like I admire you from afar,from a distance...

keep everything just like that...

just like fire and water
just like Mercury and Neptune

just like 'YOU AND ME'

Thanks for reading guys...
I always accept criticism and suggestions(yang membangun tentunya,yang tidak membangun DI LARANG KERAS).hehe...
bisa langsung comment di bawah ato kirim e-mail ke annisapalit@yahoo.com
love you all ! mmuuaaacchhh*


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